Take Action to Support Sustainable Transportation Options in California

Take Action today and email Caltrans Director Tavares now to urge him to commit to ending the practice of investing in wasteful and destructive highway expansions using state dollars, and instead direct those funds towards providing a wealth of transit and active mobility options!

Status quo transportation spending is holding California back from making good on its climate goals. That same status quo that is harming our climate is also a raw deal for everyday Californians. Commute times are out of control, traffic collisions are a leading cause of child deaths statewide, and gas prices are paralyzing the household budgets of families without good alternatives to driving.

Meanwhile, at a recent public meeting to discuss our state’s Climate Action Plan for Transportation Infrastructure, the state department of transportation, Caltrans did not even show up.

Take Action Today!

Join the movement to help re-establish California as a global leader on climate — we will share more information and ways to get involved soon.