California State Capitol

Every dollar of our state government spending can help in the fight against the climate crisis. If we rise to this challenge, we will build a more resilient, equitable, and prosperous California.

NextGen Policy’s Climate 100 project calls on California’s leaders to:

  1. Put 100 percent of our taxpayer dollars to work in a manner that is consistent with our state’s climate goals
  2. Enact and build on the Governor’s 2022-2023 $37B Climate Budget
  3. Develop a $100B 3-year transformative climate investment package for 2023

California must stop treating climate as a niche spending category, separate from the primary functioning of the state. Every taxpayer dollar spent is connected to the climate crisis. We need a bold, integrated investment strategy that puts 100% of our state budget to work in ways that advance California’s clean energy objectives, fostering equity and prosperity, and building more resilient communities.

Join the movement to help re-establish California as a global leader on climate — we will share more information and ways to get involved soon.