Recommit & Go Big On Climate!

Californians are feeling the impacts of climate change more and more. We can’t afford to wait another year to take the kind of action necessary to face the urgency of this crisis head-on – Later is Too Late!

Last year, our Climate 100 project helped to secure a $54 billion commitment for state climate investments. A worsening state budget forecast threatens to put a dent in that commitment – unfortunately, at the very moment we need to be expanding our efforts to combat climate change. Many California State Legislators have committed to accelerating and building a more resilient, equitable, and prosperous California by confronting climate change head-on. Let’s show them that they have our support in fighting for a state budget that is 100% aligned with our climate goals.

Join the movement to help re-establish California as a global leader on climate — we will share more information and ways to get involved soon.