Progress Towards Climate 100: The $54 Billion California Climate Commitment

California’s enactment of a $54 billion budget to address both the causes and impacts of the climate crisis is a major win for our state!

Check out the report below for a summary of what’s included in California’s new climate budget, and an assessment of the budget against our Climate 100 principles, which call for:

  • Building climate action into every government agency’s core mission and budget,
  • Utilizing a broad range of available funding sources in the budget,
  • Locking in ongoing spending that will not need to be reauthorized year after year.

Ultimately, the climate crisis demands that all parts of our society mobilize in response to a severely impaired climate. By taking action now, leaders can use the rapidly shrinking window of opportunity available to us to limit the harms caused by the climate crisis and accelerate solutions that will help to increase prosperity and equity.


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Join the movement to help re-establish California as a global leader on climate — we will share more information and ways to get involved soon.