Climate Action Is a Necessity, Not a Luxury

One of the most powerful tools in the fight to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is California’s state budget. This year, the budget may exceed $300 billion before it is enacted — and that’s money we need to ensure is being spent in a way that supports our state’s climate goals.

We must learn to integrate climate action into every aspect of what the state does — from what vehicles taxpayer dollars purchase to how we manage federal funds for schools, roads, and other infrastructure.

Every part of our state government spending has the opportunity to help protect our people, our natural resources, and our economy from the worst impacts of the climate crisis.

In our new report, From Luxury to Necessity: Budgeting for Climate Action, we break down the steps policymakers need to take to integrate an all-of-government approach when it comes to climate budgeting. If we rise to this challenge, we will build a more resilient, equitable, and prosperous California.

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